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Bed Bug Protection

Last year, the worst thing happened to me. I started getting red welts like these pictured here with more and more frequency while I was sleeping. I didn’t know what they were, and I kept trying to figure it out. Finally, after doing a ton of research, I found out they were caused by bed bugs (which I didn’t even know were real). It was a huge pain to clean them out and completely eradicate the infestation but in doing so, I learned a lot about bed bugs. I started this blog to help others learn the same things I did and protect themselves from a bed bug invasion of their home.

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If you have any of your own bed bug triumph or horror stories, I’d love to hear from you. If the stories are interesting, I’ll post them on my blog to let others know of the potential of these resilient little bastards. I’d also love to hear from anyone on ideas and tips they may have on keeping a bed bug infestation under control…