Bed Bug Vacation Tips

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With bed bugs making a comeback worldwide, you need to protect yourself when going on vacation. Travel experts advise that when travelling almost anywhere in the world, and staying in hotels, you could be in danger of bed bug bites. Furthermore, you run the risk of potentially bringing bed bugs back to your home when you return. Here are some basic tips for avoiding bed bugs on your vacation:

Hard Shelled Luggage Locks Out Bed Bugs

1. Protect your baggage and clothing. This is the most important tip of all. Pack all of your clothing in bed bug sealed luggage lining and individual sealed clothing bags. When in the hotel, keep all your clothing inside your original suitcase. Don’t put your clothes in the dressers or leave them lying around the room. Also, consider purchasing new luggage with a hard outer shell such as this one or this one. Furthermore, keep all your dirty laundry in a bed bug proof canvas laundry bag. The beauty of these babies is you take your laundry home (possibly containing bed bugs, and you toss the entire bag into the wash and just let it get cleaned along with everything else. No chance for bugs to escape!

Bed Bug Travel Protection with Portable Heating Device

2. Burn Em Out. As I’ve mentioned before, Bed Bugs can’t take the heat. In fact, they pretty much just die from it. The best way to protect yourself on vacation is to bring a portable heating unit. These devices can be used to lock up anything you have in the room, from clothing to electronics to your wallet/purse and will warm up to a temperature that nukes bed bugs. A portable heating unit can keep everything you have bed bug free, and keep your mind at ease while you’re out enjoying yourself. It can even be used to treat your actual luggage (it’s very large).

3. Use Lures and Traps. Bed bugs are so small, they are difficult to see. A simple bed bug trap that not only lures bed bugs away from you but also traps them and nukes them is a powerful alley to have in an unfamiliar sleep situation. Simply setup a trap in your hotel room, and let it keep the bed bugs away from you. Also, consider bringing your own protection for the mattress and pillows to trap existing bed bugs inside the mattress through the duration of your stay.

Bed Bug Vacation Protection

4. Use Common Sense. Once entering your hotel room, immediately check for bed bug detection signs. Look for dark stains on sheets, pillows, and mattresses, and examine the folds and edges of your mattress for bed bugs. Bed bugs also leave a sweet smell that is readily distinguished, so ensure your room has no strange odors. Keep your luggage up off the ground at all times using a luggage stand and if you suspect bed bugs, don’t be embarrassed to ask the management if they have a history of bugs or for a new room that has been recently treated for infestation.

Remember, Bed Bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, so no matter what your situation, ensure that you immediately clean or treat everything, including your luggage. Don’t be afraid to treat your luggage with a portable heating unit before you put it away for the next trip. The last thing you want is to open your luggage 6 months later and find a growing infestation living within. Bed bugs can live for more than 1 year without feeding, so just locking them up won’t help. For more information on protecting yourself from bed bugs, check out the remove bed bugs guide.

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