Climb-Up Interceptor Review

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Climbup Interceptors Review

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Climbup Interceptors

Product Summary

The Climb-up Interceptor is maybe the most simple and straight forward tool for use in the fight against bed bugs. They are a unique method of monitoring and detecting bed bugs and are specially designed so that you can actually kill the bugs by simply filling the outer ring with a liquid substance like oil or water. The interceptor itself is coated with a thin layer of talc, which makes them too slick for bed bugs to grab hold of, thus trapping them forever at the foot of your bed and furniture. Visit Store

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Our Review

In our personal testing of this product, the Climb-up Interceptors was absolutely one of the most non-invasive but highly effective means of both monitoring if you have bed bugs (or have a re-infestation of bed bugs once you fight them off). It’s a dead simple idea, you simply stick the legs of your bed in a climb up interceptor, and when bed bugs attempt to climb up into your bed, they slip and fall and get trapped. We filled the outer ring with a little bit of cooking oil, and not only did the interceptor stop our bed bugs from making it into the bed, it allowed us to kill bed bugs as well. This is a great and extremely cheap tool that everyone should be using to protect themselves and their family.

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