Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) Review

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Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms)

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Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) Visit Store

Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms)

Product Summary

The Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) is the perfect tool set for anyone with a bed bug infestation. It includes ALL of the chemicals you need to effectively kill bed bugs in up to 4 rooms of your home. It includes 1 gallon of J.T. Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Red which is a contact killer for bed bugs, 1 gallon of J.T. Eaton Bed Bugs Blue, which creates a 16 week barrier stopping bed bugs from re-entering your home. It includes 2 pints of STERI-FAB mattress treatment, 2 cans of Bedlam Aerosol for couches/chairs/furniture, and it includes 2 bottles of Bed Bug Powder for protecting your home against future breakouts (and an applicator). All in all, this set has everything you need to squash out a bed bug infestation. Visit Store

Kill Bed Bugs

Our Review

In our personal testing of these products, the Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) was an absolute blessing and not only kills bed bugs, but makes sure they never come back. Every one of the included products is a breeze to use, and there is a weapon in your arsenal for killing bed bugs on every surface and piece of furniture you own, including your bed. At $139.00 for the whole kit, it’s FAR cheaper than hiring an exterminator who would simply come into your home and use the same chemicals anyway. Why pay for an expensive so-called “expert” when you can completely eliminate the bugs on your own. The Kill Bed Bugs Kit is well worth the money and will give you peace of mind and kill bed bugs completely from your home. We highly recommend it.

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