Topia Organic Bed Bug Spray Review

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Topia Organic Bed Bug Spray

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Topia Organic Bed Bug Spray

Product Summary

The Topia Organic Bed Bug Spray insecticide is a water-based aerosol product developed with a natural smell deterrent that is ecologically friendly compared to other bed bug killing chemicals. A powerful plant extract called Geraniol, which kills bed bugs on contact, is the active ingredient and is 100% natural. The best part about this product is that it’s also water-based, which allows you to apply it to almost any surface that can get wet, without having to worry about damage or chemicals getting onto your children or pets.Visit Store

Kill Bed Bugs

Our Review

In our personal testing of this product, the Topia Organic Bed Bug Spray worked very well and eliminated all of the bed bugs we used it on. We simply applied it to baseboards, our bed frame, our furniture, and our mattress, and the topic spray was able to kill bed bugs without leaving behind chemicals. The only reason we didn’t give this product a 5/5 review was that it doesn’t effectively stop bed bugs from re-emerging over the few weeks following it’s use. Unlike powders and other chemicals, the Topia organic bed bug spray is a direct contact killer which has no lingering effects over time. Still an excellent product though for organically killing an infestation.

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