How to Kill Bed Bugs

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Killing Bed Bugs Treatment

Alright, so like me, you got infested with bed bugs. It’s not the end of the world, no matter how gross it seems. It’s actually rather easy (although extremely stubborn) to kill bed bugs. There’s basically only 2 things you need to know. Getting rid of bed bugs can be done 1. with really cold temperatures. 2. with really hot temperatures. So, here are some simple steps for bed bug extermination that you can use to completely eliminate bed bugs with 100% effective methods and tools:

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Kill Bed Bugs

Exterminate Bed Bugs

Step 1. Look for bed bug infestation. Check everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Examine your bed, your bed frame, mattress, pictures on your walls, plaster seams in wallpaper, electrical appliances like TV’s, phones, stereos, etc., your couch, your base boards, your curtains, your closets. For help in determining where to look, check out the bed bug facts I put together. Killing Bed bugs is straight forward, but the first step to your bed bug solution is finding where your enemy lives.

Bed Bug Sprays and Chemicals

Step 2. Use bed bugs treatment for your bed, bed frame, base boards, and seams of walls. Depending on the size of your bed bug infestation, you may need to throw out some furniture, including your mattress. Regardless of whether or not you do, you STILL have to kill bed bugs in your home. First and foremost, you need a bed bugs treatment for any area where you had a bed bug infestation. Use a bed bug spray, bed bug insecticide, and/or a bed bug powder. There are also many organic bed bug solutions such as an organic bed bug sprays, that you can use as a treatment on your mattress, and aggressively dust/spray into each nook and cranny to complete your bed bug removal.

Bed Bug Treatment

Step 3. Wash everything and steam clean everything else. Getting rid of bed bugs requires you to wash everything, and as hot as you possibly can. Curtains, linens, towels, clothing, jackets, hats, socks….everything. If you can’t wash it, make sure you steam clean it (kill bed bugs by extreme heat). There are steaming devices made specifically for bed bugs extermination in harder to reach areas where bed bugs may live. You can grab a lower cost hand powered steamer or a more powerful electric steamer and use it on everything like your bed, your couches, your chairs, your carpets, and anything else you can think of for getting rid of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Removal

Step 4. Set traps and monitor for bed bug infestation. Even after you’ve implemented your bed bug solution and cleaned out the bed bugs from your home with a bed bug spray, you still may need to kill bed bugs that stubbornly live on. You need to install some traps that kill bed bugs. Bed bugs can live a long time without food and that makes getting rid of bed bugs just that much more difficult. You need to set traps that lure bugs in so that if any do survive, they are immediately drawn away from making a nest and destroyed. Eliminate bed bugs with an effective Bed bugs treatment. It’s really just that simple. Setup a preemptive bed bug defense before you get a bed bug infestation (or a re-occurrence).

Remove Clutter and Clean up to exterminate bed bugs

Step 5. Your bed bug solution requires removing clutter and cleaning thoroughly. Items made of materials that are bed bug friendly are prime candidates. Clean beds, drawers, dressers, end tables, couches, chairs, clothing, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, curtains, carpets, bed frames, backpacks, sheets, etc. To kill bed bugs yourself you must make sure everything is cleaned in HOT (boiling) water and scrubbed thoroughly to discover any nook and cranny that they may be living in, so you can exterminate bed bugs. For more details on bed bug habitats, check out my list of bed bug facts for helpful hints on bed bugs treatment techniques for getting rid of bed bugs.

Getting rid of Bed Bugs

While it definitely sucks to have a bed bug infestation (I can definitely attest to that) it’s actually not that hard to eradicate bed bugs as long as you’re willing to work hard and exterminate them. Make sure you wash everything, steam clean, and place a bed bug spray everywhere to prevent re-infestation. Once you kill bed bugs, you need to set traps and monitor for any signs that you might not have gotten everything! If you catch bed bug infestation early enough, getting rid of bed bugs yourself is a relatively simple process. What becomes tough is if you have a major infestation, then getting rid of bed bugs yourself becomes a real pain. For more information on killing bed bugs, check out the bed bug removal guide.

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